Cruis3 Control
The Unorthodox Doctrine...
Welcome to Cruis3 Control 
We are social engineers with a twist. Cruis3 Control is a community of adventure minded and thrill seeking lovers who want a platform to discuss, meet, share & discover new things about the lifestyle. Here, we are one and believe in helping each other in all aspects of our communications. Our monthly events allow members to gather and have a good time talking about new 'cruis3s' caught  Click 'Join' to become a member. 
The Journey
​We host monthly events to get members to come out, have a good time, share some experiences and encourage each other. There's food, drinks, games, music, light performances, chaos, and head busting trips. We are all about that. It's why we do this. 
Cos where would we be without friends. We believe friendship is the bedrock of our community. Loyalty, trust, dependability & accountability is very important among friends and so we try to always spread that as much as possible. With us, a friend is an extension of what we want the world to be. So we treat friends like that. 
Since 2012, we've been meeting, discovering and catching cruis3. At the time, it was more of a way to spend time and enjoy each day. Now, it's a reason to get up each day, and be a functional, productive member of society. 
Tomorrow, we hope the way we have lived will inspire others to dedicate their time to the best things in life. 
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Walk the talk
Are you nice? Seriously, would you consider waking up early everyday to monitor community chatter or make preparation for an event or throw a surprise birthday for a member. 

Do you have experience in event production? tours? Does the idea of an adventure excite you? 

We are looking for someone like you.
Send us an e-mail on what you can do and we will definitely get back to you (if you fit in with our current needs or not). We are always needing new resources to help us plan exciting events, trips & get the best adventure and we could surely use your help in making things succesful. Please sign up below. 
I want to volunteer